Special Education


Special education can be defined as a practice of educating students with special needs or individual differences. Special students are students with learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral disorders, communication disabilities, physical disabilities and mental developmental disabilities that can easily differentiated with other normal people. Such children can be easily identified via their medical history.


Teaching special education is a process that involves systematically planned and monitored teaching procedures, specialized equipment and teaching aids. These mediations help special students to not only achieve educational standards but also build personal attributes, self-sufficiency and success in employment levels.


Common techniques used in teaching special education include inclusion, main streaming, segregation and exclusion.

Inclusion technique: In this method a students with mild or other physical disabilities are encourage to spend time with normal students. This technique is proved as a best practice for building confidence and personal attributes among such students so they not only adapt intellectual skills but also learn to compete in conquering the world and score themselves for better jobs. In many cases schools also provide specialized services like smaller attendance, resource rooms, speech or language therapy, physical therapy, rehabilitation counseling and so on.

Mainstreaming: In this technique special students get education with normal students for specified time periods based on their instinct skills. They are segregated in a separate classroom for rest of the day for further teaching and counselling.

Segregation: Segregation is specialized type of teaching special students with higher level of disorders in separate classrooms. In such classrooms students are not classified as disabled or normal but fall under the same category. Such students attend regular classes along with other students in special children institutions.

Exclusion: Exclusion is a process in which disabled students are unable to take opportunity in studying any institution. Such students either cannot afford institution fee or lack ability to attend the school. Such students may get one on one instructions or group instructions.

Accommodation: In this technique special formats are develop that becomes more accessible for students in learning process. Like brail books for blind students, presentation material for deaf people, scheduling of lectures etc.

Modifications: It is a method in which certain changes are made to make material simpler for students. Such materials are modified according to the capacity of students so they can easily learn and move further in educational field.(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Educational_psychology)


Teachers of special education are provided with following instructions:

GOAL DIRECTED: Children can be evaluated with their particular skills and needs. Individualized Education Program that identifies students’ skills and need and provide teaching facilities according to that criterion. These services also help n accessing students targeted and achieved goals.

Special Education

RESEARCH BASED METHODS: Another technique is doing researches for special students to find the best way of teaching them.learn more..

Special students in this modern world no longer find themselves as a highly differentiated class with minimal opportunities of surviving. Human rights developed by our society provide them an equal proportion of rights in movement with normal people. Now they have facilities of special institutions where they can complete the educational processes along with students of their similar kind. Many institutions provide special seats for special students to study with non-disabled students. Moreover, many organizations reserve specific job quotas for disabled people to provide them with employment opportunities for their better survival.

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