How is it possible for a person to strongly dislike photography?




Do you know anybody who hates photography? I certainly don’t. I really can’t fathom how someone could hate such a beautiful innovation. Just like at all of the products of photography. We went from painted portraits of presidents and other elected leaders to an actual point in time of that leader being recorded and forever etched into history. Taking a photo is much easier than painting a portrait and the resemblance is exact, due to it being the real thing and not a painting.

What else is great about photography? You mean, besides everything. Photos are beautiful. Have you seen the millions of pictures of sunsets on the Internet? They are really gorgeous. On top of that, photos help children learn. There is not one young child out there that doesn’t prefer picture books to other books. They like the visualizations that photos provide. It helps them really get a grasp of what is going on because they are actually seeing it instead of reading words that may or may not describe it in detail. Photos are everywhere in life now, especially with the rise of the “selfie”. Browse Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and you’re guaranteed to see many of these pictures. A selfie is just a casual picture that someone takes of themselves. Long gone are the days of going to professional photo studios for a simple photo of you, although those studios still use the best cameras and produce the best results, but for just casual photos, a selfie taken by a phone camera will suffice.

Can you imagine a world without photography? I really can’t. It’s become such a staple in our life that just taking it away would make it feel like something is missing. How would you be able to forever record that beautiful sunset or your wedding day? How about that silly moment where your child has food all over his or her face? I myself do not have very good photographic memory, therefore being able to just store these events clear in my mind wouldn’t work. Pictures are incredibly important in our daily lives and simply cannot just be randomly erased. Do you really want to go back to the days of spending hours painting a beautiful picture? I’d much rather snap a quick picture and have it stored forever (or at least until I decide to delete it).

Since I’m praising photography so much, I must be an incredibly photogenic person, right? Heavens, no! I absolutely hate taking pictures of myself, but that doesn’t mean I hate photography as a whole. I love seeing and taking pictures of things found on this beautiful planet, just not pictures of me. It’s definitely something that can be abused, as it is a lot, but the pros outweigh the cons by a large margin when it comes to photography. Again, I pose the question, how is it possible for a person to strongly dislike photography?


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