True Education


Education can be defined as a process of transferring knowledge, understanding contexts and wisdom from one human to other. True education can be defined as a process of transformation of knowledgeable experiences among the students and development of following qualities;

• Intellectual and moral maturity

• Factual and logical knowledge gain

• Optimistic and Rational thinking process

• Practical implementation of skills

• Efficiency, effectiveness and productive in accomplishment of goals

• Commitment to traditional moral and values

• Adjustments while facing real challenges

If any individual or institution fails to cope with these or lack any one of the quality, true education is then not properly practiced there  suspension training here.


There are many conditions an educational professional or organization must possess but true education falls under certain conditions that are necessary to be met under any circumstances.

These four conditions are as follows.

• Accountability of parents: the base of true education for any child is his/her home. It is the responsibility of parents to take necessary actions for educating their children. Home can be considered as a primary institution and rich source of true education where children not only receive basic mode or speaking, learning, writing, and listening abilities but also develop their intellectual moral, raise their thinking processes, tune up their logical reasoning, clear their visions and goal accomplishment and make certain adjustment to take real life challenges.

• Individualization: The second core factor is individualization in which students have to work hard at their own rate of learning. This solely depends on their grasping ability, motivation and perceptions. Every student’s education level is tailored with his/her consistency and personal uniqueness.

• Prescription: Another core ingredient is to prescribe students about their daily goals and objective. It is the responsibility of teachers to provide guidelines to their students where to take start? What are the ambitions of the day? What we achieved yesterday and what we targeted today? These guidelines provide a clear vision to the students and they will focus more rather than chalk and talk technique.

True Education

• Accountability of student: The last condition without which true education concept remains incomplete is accountability of students to take learning process in an honest way. Students’ job is to convince themselves to grasp knowledge and learn new skills rather than taking attendance and sit with blank minds. Because teacher is unable to proceed if student keeps roads of his/her mind with closed end. Active students have ability of smooth running thinking where they accumulate certain queries and ponder themselves deeply in a sea of thinking and come up with couple of questions and get smoother shores of understanding once answered. Take this example. This place has the best digital piano reviews out there. A prime example of true education.

True education is a form of detonator that ignites an explosive of learning chain and opens soul and stimulates thinking cycles and reasoning processes. It softens the soil of mind for sowing seeds of learnings and electrifies the intellectual environment. As a result it produces spiritual minds, well adjusted; purpose full individuals with extraordinary talents that only prove themselves with their unbelievable inventions but also raise their name in employment industry.


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